2009 concert

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2009多倫多中樂團踏入第十六年了,在一個樂團來說,這不算得很長,在我們的團員來說,卻是經歷了很多的日子。今天喜見樂團逐漸成長,必須感謝團員的努力,更感謝音樂總監彭進秀先生的悉心教導和無比耐性。過去一年,我們的活動可算非常緊密。去年《豐收鑼鼓樂韻揚》音樂會後,團員便忙於準備一年一度的試音。十一月一日, 我們舉行的一個室樂演奏會,每一位團員都必須參與最少一個項目,通過室樂的演奏,團員都增強了合奏的合作性,可謂獲益良多。接著便開始今天音樂會的籌備和排練。除了一些大大小小的演出外,於去年十月初,樂團的五位團員更遠負香港,參加了《香港國際中樂節》,與來自世界各地的中樂團交流。

今天的音樂會,我們很榮幸邀請了阮演奏家苗曉芸老師及笛演奏家周金美博士(Dr. Kim Chow-Morris) 為我們演奏多首獨奏樂曲。苗老師演奏的大阮獨奏和中阮協奏,周博士演奏的葫蘆絲獨奏和巴烏獨奏,都是多倫多很少能夠欣賞到的,非常難得。


This is our orchestra’s 16th anniversary! It is not a very long time in the history of an orchestra, but for our members, it has been a long journey to where we are today. I am glad to see the orchestra growing steadily these past years. I would like to thank all our members for their hard work and dedication. I would also like to express my gratitude to our music director, Mr. Karl Pang, for his guidance and patience. It has been a very busy year with many activities that came one after the other. After our 2008 Spring Concert, our members started to prepare for the annual audition. On November 1st, we had all our members participate in a chamber ensemble recital. By playing chamber music, we learned a great deal about ensemble technique. Following the recital, we began to plan for this year’s concert. There were quite a number of performances in the past year. Among those, 5 TCO members participated in the “Hong Kong International Festival of Chinese Orchestras”. They met with many orchestras from around the world and were able to exchange ideas and experiences.

We are very honoured to have Ms. Xiaoyun Miao and Dr. Kim Chow-Morris featured in our concert tonight. Ms. Miao will be performing a daruan solo and zhongruan concerto. Dr. Chow-Morris will be performing a hulusi solo and bawu solo. This is a very special occasion as these solo instruments are seldom heard in Toronto.

Last year, the Sichuan earthquake happened just a week before our concert. Our members and the orchestra quickly collected $2,000 to assist those affected by this terrible disaster. During that concert, with the audience’s help, we were able to donate altogether over $3,000 to World Vision Canada. This year, we’d like continue to give back to the community by donating a portion of our proceeds from this evening to World Vision Canada. We hope you will consider helping by giving generously as well.