Toronto Chinese Orchestra 多倫多中樂團

Events 事件

2015 Conducting Competition

During December, 4 candidates rehearsed with the orchestra. For most, it was their first time conducting a Chinese orchestra. It was a positive learning experience for both the conductors and the orchestra.

Conducting Competition Panel

Dr. Mark Vuorinen Canadian conductor, Mark Vuorinen, is Artistic Director and Conductor of Kitchener-Waterloo’s Grand Philharmonic Choir, a symphonic chorus whose repertoire includes the great masterpieces for chorus and orchestra.  He is also Assistant Professor of Music at Conrad Grebel…
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Choral Works

Choral Works Tsinghua Alumni Performing Arts Group (TAPAG) choir will present two pieces: 1. 无伴奏混声合唱《美丽的草原我的家》 《美丽的草原我的家》为欣赏者展开一幅美丽的草原画面,风吹绿草、洁白的羊群以及牧民居住的毡包都呈现在我们面前,在具有蒙古族风味的曲调中,抒情优美的旋律如飘过草原上空的云朵,绽开在听众眼前,使人陶醉。民族的就是世界的,这首歌独特的民族韵味使它成为一首经典作品,并被联合国教科文组织选入教材,这是值得国人骄傲的。 The Chorale “Beautiful Prairie, My Home” presents the audience with a panoramic landscape of the Great Mongolian Steppes, with lush green grasslands and flocks…
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