Toronto Chinese Orchestra 多倫多中樂團

World Premiere 世界首演

2016-07-03 Virtuosos Concert: Qi Qi《器 ‧ 氣》World Premiere by Tony K.T. Leung 梁家棟

Qi Qi, pronounced “chee-chee”, refers to the Chinese characters 器 and 氣. 器 are the instruments of the orchestra, while 氣 is vital energy. Without being programmatic, the composer/conductor chooses this viewpoint to express his sentiments. “器”是樂隊的樂器; 而”氣”是人體重要的能量。這樂曲是作曲家/指揮借音符來抒發自己感情,並無俱體的故事內容。

World premiere: Dream of Fenghuang 鳯之夢

敲擊樂與舞者 作曲: 梁家棟 舞者: 林恩恩 鳳凰是中國古代傳說中的百鳥之王。牠代表純潔和高雅。牠的羽毛有黑、白、紅、藍、黃五種基本顏色。在這個夢幻樂曲中,牠以如下的次序顯現: 1. 鳳凰初醒 2. 鳳蛇相爭 3. 鳳凰展翅 Percussion with dancer Composer: Tony K.T. Leung Dancer: Yan Lam The Fenghuang, or Chinese Phoenix, is a mythological bird that is supreme over all other birds. It is…
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