Toronto Chinese Orchestra 多倫多中樂團

Healthy ingredients 健康成長要素

fresh-vegetables 在往前直奔的生活道路上,有時候也會有回想一下所經歴過的一切,藉此作為繼續前進的經驗借鑑。在與多倫多中樂團所渡過的時間裡,樂團總是給我驚喜。






There are many healthy ingredients to be discovered from the TCO each year. This year, I discovered two and added the third. First is the ”family tie” ingredient of this orchestra, the second is the “community tie”. The last important ingredient is “versatility.”

The family tie ingredient is that we can see sisters, couples, fathers, mothers, daughters, etc., rehearsing and performing in our orchestra. There is even an entire family. It is very encouraging and exciting to me. This phenomenon really shows that this orchestra is formed with very strong family ties. As a result, the orchestra is also knitted together strongly. It is a healthy ingredient.

Another ingredient is the community tie. We are very fortunate to have prestigious artists joining us in each concert. We believe that every professional artist can have a positive impact on us. This is definitely an important resource that enables us to grow. Ms. Xiaoyun Miao, Dr. Kim Chow-Morris, and Ms. Wendy Zhao are our valuable resources not only this evening, but also future concerts.

I added the last ingredient. I encouraged every member in the orchestra to be versatile, just like actors in a theatrical troupe are able to play a wide variety of roles. This may not be easy for everyone but it is possible. As a matter of fact, we now have some multitalented members who can play more than one instrument very well. I believe this is necessary so that the orchestra can be more flexible and able to adapt to the different needs of the repertoire.

As the orchestra is in the process of growing to maturity, we must not forget the following sequence.

Team work