Toronto Chinese Orchestra 多倫多中樂團

Membership Guidelines 成員指引

Updated: Jan. 2012

Active Member Requirements

1. Payment of annual Membership fee ($100)
2. Attendance requirements:

  • 70% of rehearsals/year
  • 80% of rehearsals during concert preparation periods

If the member must be absent, he/she must notify the President/Concertmistress as early as possible. For a temporary leave of absence, the member must give written (e-mail) notification specifying the reason and duration of absence. The Music Committee will decide whether or not the member will be able to participate in the concert performances if the attendance requirements are not met.

Failure to meet the attendance requirements may result in:

  • Being unable to participate in concert performances
  • Inactive membership

3. Pass Audition with a grade of 70% and above.

Failure to achieve this grade after 2 consecutive years may result in a one year suspension from orchestra rehearsals and performances at the discretion of the Music Committee. During this period it is highly recommended that he/she receive further music instruction. After the one year suspension, he/she may attempt another audition.

4. Participation/Contribution:

Members are expected to:

  • Contribute at each rehearsal by having the music prepared. This includes note and rhythmic accuracy and precision, dynamics, phrasing, and score marking suggestions made by the conductor.
  • Cooperate with and respect colleagues at all times and demonstrate sensitivity to both the ensemble and the conductor.
  • Exhibit the highest level of musical preparation and performance, stage presence, concert appearance, as well as musical communication in concerts.

If the Music Committee feels that a member is not sufficiently prepared prior to a concert, the Committee reserves the right to ask the member to decline participation in the concert.

Inactive Membership

  • Active Membership requirements not fulfilled
  • Leave of absence
  • Resignation

In order to attain Active Membership again, he/she will have to undergo and pass an audition. An attendance record is kept during every rehearsal.

Guest Performer

Based on the needs of the orchestra, individuals may be requested by the Music Committee to perform and are not subjected to above conditions.