Amely Zhou awarded a first prize at 2010 Kiwanis for erhu

AmelyZhouCongratulations to Amely 周嘉丽 for placing first in the Kiwanis Music Festival. Her entry was for erhu in the non-Western, bowed string open class. She will be performing the award winning work Sanmen Gorge Rhapsody 三門峽暢想曲 at our May 15, 2010 concert.


2006年來到加拿大,參加了多倫多民樂團。其間,參與了大部分樂團的演出. 並且同時開始教導二胡。2010年在Kiwanis的比賽中,獲得了一等獎。

Amely Zhou began her music studies at an early age. In 2001, she was accepted into the Shenzhen Arts School, where she majored in erhu, and minored in piano. Her teachers include Zhang Lei, Zhang Zunlian, and Liu Hong. She has attended numerous masterclasses by Min Huifen. With the school orchestra, she participated in many large scale events, including the Shenzhen Spring Festival Concert. In 2005, she was recognized as an outstanding music student and performed in recital.

In 2006, Amely came to Canada and joined Toronto Chinese Orchestra, where she participated in many of the performances. At the same time, she started teaching erhu. In 2010, she was awarded as a first prize at the Kiwanis Music Festival.