Guo Yazhi’s World of Wind InstrumentsDATE: 22nd of Oct, 2011TIME: 7:30 pmPRICE: LOCATION: Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts

Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts

Guo Yazhi
 graduated from Central Academy of Music in 1990. He joined the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra in December 1999 as Suona Principal. In 1993, his invention of a “removable reed”, which enables the playing of semitones on the suona and expands its range for expressiveness, won for him a Class Two Award for Technological Advancement by the Ministry of Culture. In 1998, Guo went to New York to participate in the International Pro Musicis Awards. Since 1991, he has performed in international music festivals in Germany, Holland, Denmark, France, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao and China, and has given solo recitals in New York, Boston and Los Angeles. He has been hailed by Boston Radio as ‘China’s Louis Armstrong.’

Program Highlights:

The World of Winds – Concerto for various wind instruments
The Silk Road Fantasia – Guanzi Concerto
Unchained Melody – Saxophone and Orchestra
999 Roses – Suona and Orchestra
Picking Jujube – Suona and Orchestra