Honorary Advisor for Ethnomusicology 民族音樂學名譽顧問

Having studied Chinese traditional music since childhood, Dr. Carol Yaqin Pei is an accomplished pipa musician and an authority in Chinese music theory. She earned her undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate degrees from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, studying pipa with Professor Xuran Ye, and ethnomusicology with Professors Mingdun Jiang and Weiping Zhao. Dr. Pei’s strong practical and theoretical background in East Asian traditional music has led her to attain tenure at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) in 2009. She established and directed a Chinese orchestra at USST which won numerous honours and awards in competitions both locally and nationally. In 2011, Dr. Pei had a position at the University of California, Los Angeles, as a visiting scholar. She has published more than ten academic papers, and edited and published four books. Some of her major works include:

  • Discussing the Genre of Mongolian Han Tunes. Art of Music. 2005.4.
  • Analysis of the style of Mongolian Han Tunes. Journal of Wuhan Conservatory of Music. 2006.2.
  • Success Story of the 12 Girls Band from the Angle of Music Communication. Journal of Zhejiang Professional College of Arts. 2006.3.
  • Programmed Music and Construction Space: Voice from the American Shopping Mall. Symphony. 2006.
  • A Thought about the School Classification for Pipa. People’s Music. 2008.
  • The Development of Chinese Pipa Schools. The 39th international council for traditional Music. Vienna. Austria. July 4. 2007.
  • Comparison Study of the Development for Pipa in China and Japan. The 7 th International Council for Chinese and Japanese Music. Wuhan, China. September 9. 2007.
  • Editor for “The Sounds and Music in Animation”. Jiangsu Science and Technology Publishing House, 2010.3.
  • Associate Editor for “99 Classic Songs of Pipa”. Shanghai Music Publishing House. 2010.8.
  • Associate Editor for “99 Popular Songs of Pipa”. Shanghai Music Publishing House. 2010.8.
  • Associate Editor for “College Music Appreciation”. Shanghai Conservatory of Music Publishing House. 2011.6.