Member Profile: Soraya

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Meet Soraya, a long time member from the plucked string section.

TCO: How long have you been with the TCO?
S: Since 1996.

TCO: What keeps you coming back?
S: Well as Jamie said, it’s more fun to play with others. And I also like my midnight snack with other members after the practice on Friday night. Ha Ha Ha!!!!

TCO: What instrument do you play and how long have you been playing?
S: I play the Daruan. Since 2002.

TCO: How did you get started with this instrument?
S: When I first started with the orchestra, I played Pipa, There were about five of us playing it at that time. No one was playing Daruan, so I volunteered.

TCO: What other instruments do you play?
S: I played Pipa since I was ten years old. I do play a little bit of Erhu, Liuqin, and Zhongruan.

TCO: Other activities that you enjoy on spare time?
S: Badminton, Sudoku, quilting, volunteering. Most of all, I love travelling.

TCO: Anything you’d like to share with other TCO members and fans that come to the concerts?
S: Although we are not the perfect orchestra, all of us have passion for Chinese music. Thank you so much for those members that dedicate their time and effort for the orchestra. Thanks so much for those that sponsor us every year. Thanks so much for those that volunteer who came and helped us every year. Cannot do it without you. And most of all, thanks so much for those fans that came and watched us every year.