Member Profile: Vincent

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Meet Vincent, a young member from the wind section.

TCO: How long have you been with the TCO?
V: Since February 2010.

TCO: What keeps you coming back?
V: I like playing with other people and creating music.

TCO: What instrument do you play and how long have you been playing?
V: I play the dizi. I started around five years ago.

TCO: How did you get started with this instrument?
V: I have always had an interest with Chinese music but never really thought about learning a Chinese instrument. During my second year at York University, I needed to choose some elective courses for my degree. I looked under the music department courses and saw a Chinese music ensemble course being offered, along with various private lessons on Chinese instruments. I decided to take the Chinese music ensemble course and chose the dizi. I wanted to learn more about the dizi, so for my third and fourth year I took private lessons with Dr. Kim Chow Morris. I am currently continuing dizi lessons with Frederick Yiu.

TCO: What other instruments do you play?
V: I play the xiao in the orchestra as well. I went up to level 8 with piano, but I stopped when I was in grade 10. Its been a long time, so I think I’ve forgotten everything 😛

TCO : Other activities that you enjoy on spare time?
V: I enjoy watching A LOT of t.v. and reading.

TCO: Anything you’d like to share with other TCO members and fans who come to the concerts?
V: To everyone, be inspired and take the initiative to learn an art, whether it is music or drama or painting or callligraphy or knitting … Remember not to confine yourself to what is offered by ‘popular’ culture, but go beyond those boundaries, and you will see the richness and uniqueness of the arts found in every culture.