Press Release: 2011 CICS Annual Fundraising Concert

CICS fundraising concert on Apr. 30, 2011 features Toronto Chinese Orchestra and guests.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Mar, 11, 2011 – The Centre for Information and Community Services (CICS) Foundation and Toronto Chinese Orchestra (TCO) will present a fundraising concert on April 30, 2011 at the Markham Theatre for Performing Arts. Proceeds will go towards supporting the various services of CICS. The fifty plus members of the Toronto Chinese Orchestra will be joined by over ten, specially invited youths from Hong Kong’s Leung Sing Tak Primary School Chinese Orchestra, along with TCO offshoot band “Spire” and CICS Ah-mazing Choir. The concert will foster Canada-Hong Kong exchange as well as benefit the community.

TCO Music Director Karl Pang and Leung Sing Tak Primary School Chinese Orchestra conductor Ng Chiu-Shing will conduct the combined, sixty plus member orchestra, in full orchestra performances of “Flying Dragon Leaping Tigers”, “Harvest Festival Dance”, “Everlasting Friendship”, and “Yi Drinking Song”. Accompanied solos include “Sichuan General’s Command” for yangqin, “Moonlight Over Spring River” for pipa, and “Spring Arrives at Xiangjiang” for dizi.

“Spire” is an inspirational group of musicians who set out to create musical fusion between classical and pop music in both Eastern and Western styles. Consisting of seven players, “Spire” was established in December 2010. “Spire” aims to be a unique group that inspires its audience with style and originality. “Spire” will perform three newly arranged selections.

CICS Ah-mazing Choir will perform “Lark! Lark!” and “Rosy Clouds Chasing the Moon” with TCO.

“Magical Train Ticket” is your passage to a musical tour of six regions in China. Along with visuals, seven distinctive folk songs of Guangxi, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Neimeng, Shanxi, Jiangsu, and Sichuan, will showcase the heart of the Chinese people in an educational and entertaining experience. Created by Toronto Chinese Orchestra Composer-in-Residence Tony K.T. Leung, the composer will conduct the performance.

The Hong Kong Leung Sing Tak Primary School Chinese Orchestra was established in 1984 under the direction of Ng Chiu-Shing. With strong community and parental support over the years, the orchestra has nurtured many Chinese instrumentalists. The orchestra performs frequently to high acclaim. At the annual Hong Kong School Music Festival, the orchestra has received numerous awards in ensemble and solo categories.

CICS Ah-mazing Choir was founded in April of 2008 by Ms. Monie Leung, who holds the position of Conductor and Music Coordinator. Artistic direction is overseen by B. K. Tam.

Toronto Chinese Orchestra is a non-profit organization established in 1993. For over 18 years, TCO has nurtured a generation of Canadian born youths, enriched the cultural life of Chinese immigrants, introduced Chinese music to the mainstream, and contributed to Canada’s multicultural society. With the support of music fans, TCO has launched at least one full scale concert annually.

Tickets are available from, CICS (416-292-7510), Harmony Music (416-754-2228) or S U P Book Store (416-293-2696). For inquires, contact CICS at 416-292-7510 or TCO at 416-568-8024.