Toronto Chinese Orchestra (TCO)

Established in 1993, over the past 25 years the Toronto Chinese Orchestra (TCO) has grown from a gathering for Chinese music enthusiasts into an orchestra with a distinct artistic vision. In the last decade, TCO has especially focused on developing new talent for Chinese music. As a Chinese orchestra in Canada, TCO strives to foster a musical identity distinct from but indebted to its roots in Asia. To do this, TCO regularly engages a composer-in-residence, champions Canadian compositions, and has hosted competitions for piano concerto with Chinese orchestra (2009), conducting (2015), and composition (2017).

The Toronto Chinese Orchestra has promoted a number of national and international connections. Nationally, TCO collaborates with the British Columbia Chinese Orchestra, Edmonton Chinese Philharmonic, and Vancouver's Sound of Dragon Music Festival; internationally, TCO works closely with Taiwan's Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra, has connections with Hong Kong's LaSalle College Chinese Orchestra and Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, and performs contemporary works by composers in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Additionally, TCO has established a youth wing and professional ensemble, both formed to raise the standard of Chinese music in Canada and to extend its reach to new audiences. The results of TCO's efforts are reflected in its demographic, which comprises young adults trained in Canada as well as new immigrants. TCO's makeup allows it to perform challenging works for large orchestra, a unique situation among Chinese orchestras in Ontario.