2018 Central Conservatory of Music Examinations in Toronto

Learning music teaches joy, discipline, and inspires creativity. Learning Chinese instruments also connects you to the beauty of Chinese culture. As part of the learning process, taking examinations will help students measure their progress and develop confidence in their chosen instrument.

The Central Conservatory of Music of China (CCOM) is a well established institution in Beijing that holds examinations internationally for students learning Chinese instruments, including erhu, pipa, yangqin, guzheng, dizi, ruan, sheng, and suona. The BC Chinese Music Association (BCCMA) has partnered with CCOM to host these annual examinations in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal for the past 13 years.

Along with the Music of May, the Toronto Chinese Orchestra is pleased to announce that we will be coordinators for the Central Conservatory of Music Examinations (CCOM) in Toronto. This year, the examinations will take place on October 24 - 25, 2018. Registration has already begun and the deadline for the applications is July 15, 2018.

Examination materials and books can be purchased from Music of May Ltd at 63 Silver Star Blvd., Unit D3, Scarborough, ON, Phone: 416-754-2228.

Completed application forms (with a cheque made payable to: BC Chinese Music Association) can be sent directly to:

BC Chinese Music Association
#303-8495 Ontario Street
Vancouver, BC
V5X 3E8
or submitted to Music of May Ltd.

Forms: PDF DOC

Brochure: Download